Camping with Emperor Penguins

Just cruising the web and came across this trip booked through ElderTreks. Now, we aren’t ‘Elder’, we’re just not under 50, but hell, what a great trip. Fly from Punta Arenas in southern Chile to Patriot Hills, the base camp for many a sled-hauling trip to the South Pole and climb of Vinson Massif (one […]

I like these people…

GeoEx – I like these people. Why? Because a few years back they wanted to use a photo of mine in a brochure, and they contacted me and paid a reasonable rate for using the image. Then when they wanted to use it the next year as well, they again contacted me for permission, and […]

Not ‘over 50s’, just travellers

Found the Responsible Travel site today – worth a view. In fact the whole Responsible Travel site is excellent, giving a huge range of options, and the over 50s section is really just a ‘you might like to try these tours from our extensive range’ rather than providing slow and easy tours for fogeys. Snow […]

Mountain base camp treks

This is the trail to the Advance Base Camp site for K2’s North face and ridge on the North (Chinese) side of the world’s second highest mountain. It’s one of my favourite pics so I thought I’d start the blog with it. You can get to K2 base camp with Jagged Globe, CnAdventure, Uighur Tours […]