Polar Bear travel and tracking guide

How to find polar bears and organise some polar bear travel – lots to read and good bear photos. What’s not to like? Fill in the form – everybody wants you to fill in a form but hell, your name and email address are on the record with every company you’ve ever dealt with online […]

Heli-biking in Nepal

I don’t spend all my days doing this, but if I’m going to have an adventure travel blog for the over 50s I need to check out what is out there in the market, and sometimes I find travel opportunities that are too good to pass by. Heli-skiing I know about. Rich kids splashing their […]

Climbing Mt Fuji

Last year I climbed Mt Fuji with my son, Pete. It’s a fabulous over 50s climbing experience – to watch the sunrise from the summit and to see Fuji’s arrow-head shadow spread over the surrounding landscape after dawn. Don’t expect to be on your own though. Climbing Mt Fuji is a rite of passage for […]

Cruise with craft beer

OK, I get it – actually I get it very easily. Craft beers and cruising. Watching the natural world slip by while downing another excellent lager as somewhere in the background a person who knows much more than me about beer explains the impact of hops on fermented liquids. What better way to see the […]