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Into adventure travel? Surprised to realise that 50 years or more have already passed? Yep, me too. So, what to do except get out there!

I love the outdoors and wild country. I love ancient civilisations, great museums and galleries. Now I have more time. So… best not to just watch the time pass by.

This blog is a place where people can share the adventures and experiences they discover and thrill to from 50 onward, with an emphasis on small scale, sustainable travel to wild places. I will usually avoid monster cruise liners and family travel, downhill skiing and other mass-market tourism – there’s no shortage of blogs and travel agents covering those already. Though on my Almost Adventurous page you can find links for less demanding travel – because we all need to just lie back and sip the wine sometimes.

I discovered bushwalking and rockclimbing at 15 (in the 60s) and have skied, climbed and trekked in the Himalayas, Antarctica, Greenland, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and Europe. The Americas still to come! I spent my working life in journalism and public relations in Australia, Europe and Asia.

Whether you want adventure travel targeting the over 50s market where things might move at a slightly more sedate pace, or mind-snapping craziness leaving 20 year olds in your wake…I hope you can find it or share it here.

The blog posts on the Home page will repeat on the pages they are relevant to, so if you are only interested in Trekking, just go to the TREKKING page. The GALLERY pages are pics of those activities, by me and hopefully other contributors down the line; the RESOURCES pages are lists of relevant travel companies.

Allow me a few months build up the resources – I can’t find everything all at once – and feel free to send me suggestions! Contact me with your pics and stories, your recommendations for places to go and for travel operators who have helped you get to the world’s remote and magical places. Anything wild and daft, beautiful and enthralling that could inspire us all to get out there and live.

The pictures initially are mine, with additional copyright-free pics via Pixabay – feel free to send me your pictures to share. I will always credit pics where I know the owner. So…

Age is someone else’s state of mind…Onward!


April 2017


Contact me or comment below if you have any suggestions for the blog.

Pic ©Lyle Closs 2017 Рme half way up a peak in East Greenland

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