Camping with Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguin adventure travel
Exclusive adventure travel to camp beside an Emperor Penguin colony – pic via Pixabay

Just cruising the web and came across this trip booked through ElderTreks. Now, we aren’t ‘Elder’, we’re just not under 50, but hell, what a great trip. Fly from Punta Arenas in southern Chile to Patriot Hills, the base camp for many a sled-hauling trip to the South Pole and climb of Vinson Massif (one of the Seven Summits), and then another Twin Otter flight to camp near an emperor penguin colony and hang out with the big boys of the penguin world.

I am unlikely to take this trip…despite being curious about what kind of travel companions can afford a $45,750 price tag. Ouch!

Or you can combine it with a flight to the South Pole for £57,895 or $73,500. I think I already said Ouch so I think I’ll just go and get a G&T and search for emperor penguins on YouTube.

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