Climb Mt Batur in Bali – for the sunrise, of course, but ignore the caldera

Mt Batur and caldera
Mt Batur and surrounding vast caldera

Mt Batur is the second highest peak in Bali, and an active volcano.  Climb for the sunrise, for the steam rising from vents, for the fear of the caldera that blew a previous Mt Batur entirely away, aeons ago.

Travel is a selfish obsession. Even the poorest of us is a rich westerner looking for distraction, excitement, enrichment. How many of the hordes of travel bloggers could continue to travel, let alone replace their camera phones, if their income was less than $1000 a year. That’s the average family income in the major travel destination of Madagascar.

Average – meaning half the families live on less than $1000 a year. I wonder how many Malagasy are travelling the world and blogging about their experiences on a nice new mobile phone?

Karakorum – Climbing Through the Kashmir Conflict by Steve Swenson

Karakorum by Steve SwensonBack in 1990 I had the huge privilege of being invited to go on a US/Australian expedition to K2 in the Karakorum with world-leading climbers Steve Swenson, Greg Child, Greg Mortimer and Phil Ershler. Now don’t get me wrong, I was a load-hauler, not a lead climber. Those guys are way out of my league.

But I shared a tent with Steve at Advance Base Camp for a couple of intense months and never had a bad word. Steve has just launched his book on climbing in the world’s great ranges…

Climbing Mt Fuji

Climbing Mt Fuji sunrise

Climbing Mt Fuji trail over 50Last year I climbed Mt Fuji with my son, Pete. It’s a fabulous over 50s climbing experience – to watch the sunrise from the summit and to see Fuji’s arrow-head shadow spread over the surrounding landscape after dawn. Don’t expect to be on your own though. Climbing Mt Fuji is a rite of passage for young Japanese and every day during the climbing season there will be hundreds if not thousands of enthusiastic young Japanese with limitless energy and massive mobile phone photo storage capacity. Among them, the expected groups of backpackers…

Mountain base camp treks

K2 North Ridge from North K2 Glacier © Lyle Closs 2017
K2 North Ridge from North K2 Glacier © Lyle Closs 2017

This is the trail to the Advance Base Camp site for K2’s North face and ridge on the North (Chinese) side of the world’s second highest mountain.

It’s one of my favourite pics so I thought I’d start the blog with it. You can get to K2 base camp with Jagged Globe, CnAdventure, Uighur Tours and others and you could probably talk High Adventure into going there again. All include the trek to Advance Base Camp. Check out my Trekking Gallery for more pics of the amazing trek.