Heli-biking in Nepal

I don’t spend all my days doing this, but if I’m going to have an adventure travel blog for the over 50s I need to check out what is out there in the market, and sometimes I find travel opportunities that are too good to pass by. Heli-skiing I know about. Rich kids splashing their parents cash, or city bankers tossing notes into the snow to fly high and scour the virgin slopes with their fibreglass planks.

Heli-biking in the Himalayas though…wow!

Lost Earth Adventures offers a range of heli-biking trips…

I like these people…

GeoEx adventure travel website

GeoEx – I like these people. Why? Because a few years back they wanted to use a photo of mine in a brochure, and they contacted me and paid a reasonable rate for using the image. Then when they wanted to use it the next year as well, they again contacted me for permission, and again paid me a fair rate. In a world where people constantly take the view that ‘we’ll pay if they discover we have used it’, I respect the professional and ethical approach they took with a small-time photographer they had never met. If that’s how they run their business they deserve success, and from a traveller’s point of view, I have confidence that they will act ethically in all their dealings with people along the way.

That, folks, is how you build a brand. Not with expensive advertising or social media stunts, but by behaving ethically and professionally so that people are happy to recommend you.