Hotel guests are throwing away money while they sleep

The cost-conscious traveller should look at the money they waste on hours they spend asleep in their hotel room according to low cost hotel chain easyHotel.

In a review of the costs involved, the budget hotel chain has found that sleeping guests in posh hotels can be paying up to £38 per minute while they’re asleep, whereas an easyHotel guest pays as little as 3p per minute for a stay on a mattress that easyHotels claims is as comfortable as those found in some five star hotels.

“The fact is that if you have a decent bed and the hotel is secure, there is no advantage to paying for a luxury room while you’re asleep,” said Jorge Rodriguez from easyHotel. “When a guest is asleep in a reputable, secure hotel, there is no material difference to the quality of the experience.”

A recent study found that the average hotel guest spends just three hours and 22 minutes awake in their room.  The remainder of the time is spent asleep, with no discernible benefit from the premium cost of accommodation.

Looking at a range of hotel charges, easyHotel, found the following…

Why booking accommodation online is costing you more

Hotel bedWhen booking accommodation online, the check-out cost used to be the same as the cost you saw on-screen when you booked.

That is still how hotel booking sites work, but sites like Airbnb, and that book personal homes, apartments and rooms seem to be competing with each other to see what costs they can hide from their customers in order to capture business with the lowest possible initial prices.

For those sites, you need to read the whole page for each individual property to ensure you know what costs you are signing up for. This is frustrating, unethical and is only going to annoy customers to the extent that they take their booking accommodation business elsewhere.