Cruise with craft beer

Craft beers adventure cruisesOK, I get it – actually I get it very easily. Craft beers and cruising. Watching the natural world slip by while downing another excellent lager as somewhere in the background a person who knows much more than me about beer explains the impact of hops on fermented liquids. What better way to see the world than with a skinful of good beer, ‘uniting wilderness and wildlife lovers with craft beer enthusiasts’ as UnCruise puts it. Forget the niceties – these guys came up with a great concept. UnCruise have been… in the cruising business for decades – US north west coast and rivers.  You’ve got to love people though whose business creativity puts cruising and beer into the same vat (so to speak) and turns it into a great way to travel. Why do I feel like I know these people already.

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