Heli-biking in Nepal

I don’t spend all my days doing this, but if I’m going to have an adventure travel blog for the over 50s I need to check out what is out there in the market, and sometimes I find travel opportunities that are too good to pass by. Heli-skiing I know about. Rich kids splashing their parents cash, or city bankers tossing notes into the snow to fly high and scour the virgin slopes with their fibreglass planks.

Heli-biking in the Himalayas though…wow!

Lost Earth Adventures offers a range of heli-biking trips… that can be adapted to your requirements, including the longest downhill mountain bike ride in the world, seven days heli-biking tour in the Upper Mustang region from £12,500 each, or £45,000 for one person with a private guide. I guess we are back in the world of £100 pound notes fluttering unconcernedly in the wind, but still, wow.

You can, for example, go for a programme where 6 of you share the costs of a chopper for a full day at a cost of £3,500 each and blast the hell out of unlimited downhill glory in beautiful country backlit by mountains touching the sky. What a ride!

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