Karakorum – Climbing Through the Kashmir Conflict by Steve Swenson

Karakorum by Steve SwensonBack in 1990 I had the huge privilege of being invited to go on a US/Australian expedition to K2 in the Karakorum with world-leading climbers Steve Swenson, Greg Child, Greg Mortimer and Phil Ershler. Now don’t get me wrong, I was a load-hauler, not a lead climber. Those guys are way out of my league.

But I shared a tent with Steve at Advance Base Camp for a couple of intense months and never had a bad word. Steve has just launched his book on climbing in the world’s great ranges…Karakorum – Climbing Through the Kashmir Conflict. It’s a great read even if you’re not a climber.

Karakorum - K2 North Ridge summit team 1990
Karakorum – K2 North Ridge summit team 1990

Here’s the summit team after the 1990 ascent of the North Ridge of K2. From left Greg Child, Steve Swenson, Phil Ershler, Greg Mortimer

Pics from the trek to K2 North side base camp are in my Trekking Gallery.

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